Global Board of Directors
The Hunger Project is governed by a Global Board of Directors comprised of prominent leaders in global hunger and poverty reduction, public policy, democracy building and business. The Board holds meetings three times per year, with additional special meetings as required, and has dedicated Audit and Governance, Nominating and Human Resources committees.

Partner Country Advisory Council
The Partner Country Advisory Council is a high-level body comprising the President and CEO of The Hunger Project and the chairs of the National Boards of our affiliate “Partner Countries.” These affiliates are independently incorporated Hunger Project organizations, who work in fundraising and advocacy to channel the necessary resources to our programs to end hunger and poverty. This Council works in partnership with the Global Board of Directors and holds regular meetings often in conjunction with the meetings of the Global Board.

All Chair Forum
This forum comprises the chairs/presidents of the national boards or National Advisory Councils of all countries with Hunger Project offices — whether an affiliate Partner Country, per above, or a country where we operate programs. This Forum meets regularly to support collaboration and communication among our global governing bodies.

Leadership Team
This staff team, which meets weekly, includes The Hunger Project President and CEO, senior managers of each department in The Hunger Project Global Office and a representative Partner Country Director.

Country & Regional Directors
The Hunger Project recognizes that it is the people living in the countries facing hunger and poverty that are best placed to come up with answers to the challenges they face. We are proud that our Country Directors, who each head a country office, are experienced, committed, indigenous leaders creating lasting, society-wide changes in their countries.