Rowlands Kaotcha

Rowlands Kaotcha


Regional Director, West Africa


  • Country Director



Mr. Rowlands Kaotcha has served as Country-Director of The Hunger Project-Malawi since 2004, after having served as Program Officer since 2001. He provides country leadership to an Integrated Sustainable Livelihood program of THP-Malawi focusing on Food Security, Microfinance, Education, Health & Hygiene, HIV&AIDS and Gender Equality, Access to Safe Drinking water, and Environment. In the area of Health and HIV&AIDS, he has among others introduced innovations in rural health care, HIV&AIDS prevention and Impact Mitigation, including rural-based female condom programming and advocacy.

Under his leadership, The Hunger Project-Malawi received its first nationally-driven funding from Oxfam Novib in The Netherlands, a practice which has now grown to diversify THP-Malawi’s donor base. Mr. Kaotcha has also delivered fundraising talks for The Hunger Project in Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Prior to joining The Hunger Project, he worked as Project Manager of Concern Universal’s Household Food Security Project and Assistant Seed Production Manager at the National Seed Company of Malawi.

Mr. Kaotcha earned a B.Sc. in Agriculture, an M.Sc. in Agriculture and Agronomy from the University of Malawi’s Bunda College of Agriculture and his MBA from Eastern and Southern African Institute of Management in Tanzania.