Pascal Djohossou

Pascal Djohossou


Country Director, Benin


  • Country Director



Since April 13, 2001 Pascal Djohossou has been the country director for The Hunger Project-Benin. He has a wealth of experience in grassroots mobilization as well as in the formulation of rural development policy.

Pascal Djohossou was born October 22, 1959 in the Mono region of Benin. He is married, and the father of three children.

Pascal was educated in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire and France, with a specialty in forestry management. Prior to joining The Hunger Project, he worked for the Department for Forests and Natural Resources in the Ministry of Rural Development beginning, working in areas ranging from personnel, to direct care of forests, to coordination of reforestation programs. He has been involved in training grassroots leaders, non-governmental organization (NGO) workers and government staff in preserving and rebuilding the forests. His work has led him to publish many research papers and participate in many international site visits, conferences and trainings.

What attracted the attention of The Hunger Project is Pascal’s dynamism and his alignment with our philosophy. Pascal’s hobbies include music, photography and the composition of poetry.