Madeleine Cisse

Madeleine Cisse


Country Director, Senegal


  • Country Director



Mme. Madeleine Cisse has been the Country Director of The Hunger Project-Senegal since 2006.

Prior to joining the Hunger Project, she was the Microfinance Support Administrator at Dynaentreprises, a USAID-funded project designed to promote decentralized financial systems and the growth of well-managed micro-enterprises. She also served as the Director for a USAID-funded project designed to build the capacity of NGOs and private organizations operating in Senegal (Projet d’Appui aux Organisations Privées et aux Organisations Non-Gouvernementales).

Mme. Cisse has coordinated the “Comité Inter-Etats de Lutte Contre la Sécheresse dans le Sahel,” a nine-country partnership with the mission to prevent drought-related famine through the implementation of sustainable food security and natural resource management systems. She also served as the director of Hann Park, a protected forest and animal reserve in Dakar.

Mme Cisse has worked as a consultant for FAO, the World Bank, and the National Council of Negro Women, and has participated in many international conferences, including the World Microfinance Conference in 2001, the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio De Janeiro in 2002 and multiple negotiation sessions on desertification.

Mme. Cisse holds a bachelor’s degree in Hydraulics and Forestry from the Polytechnic University in Brasov, Romania and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the West African Higher Institute of Management Sciences in Dakar, Senegal.