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What do we mean by Rethink World Hunger?

The Hunger Project started in 1977 with a bold new vision: the end of hunger was achievable and could become our reality. At that time, 30,000 children were dying each day due to hunger. Now, that estimate has been reduced by more than 70%. That means that today — and each day — 21,000 fewer children are dying from hunger-related causes. It is time to rethink world hunger.

The end of world hunger is not only possible. It is now within reach. The global community is joining together to eradicate hunger by the year 2030. And we have a pivotal role to play.

To make this goal a reality, not only do we need to pioneer effective strategies and bring them to scale in countries where hunger persists, we must engage the hearts, minds, and activism of a growing community of people around the world — young and old — who believe that hunger can be ended.

This campaign seeks to challenge the following ideas and ask people to rethink their perceptions.

  • Rethink the problem. Hunger is not inevitable. It is not too big of a problem to solve. In fact it has improved dramatically just in the last 30 years. It is possible by 2030.
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  • Rethink its solution. Top-down models of aid are not the answer. Bottom-up, women-centered approaches are what get results.
  • Rethink the image. It is not about famine, images of starving children. It is about resilient, hardworking people having opportunity.
  • Rethink your own role. It is not about pity. It is about partnership. It is about standing with—and learning from—the courageous and transformative leaders who are catalyzing change in their communities.
  • Rethink The Hunger Project’s role. It is not about expanding The Hunger Project as an organization to reach more and more people. It is about The Hunger Project playing its most strategic role for the end of hunger by 2030. This means using what we have learned works in 20+ years of implementing to influence others around the world.

We are really excited about the potential of this message to capture the hearts of people everywhere! We call on you to spread the message loud and clear.

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