Federations for Democracy & Empowerment in India

To empower women leaders and their communities, The Hunger Project supports the formation of federations among their elected leaders.

In the states of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan, women leaders are creating federations at the block (local) and state levels to voice their concerns as a collective unit. Priority issues include 50% reservation of seats in local government for women, removal of two-child norm laws and increased transparency and support between levels of government.

After initially waiting to facilitate federation building processes until the third year of the five-year tenure of Elected Women Representatives (EWRs), The Hunger Project responded to feedback from EWRs to include federation activities from the first year.

  • Year one: Initiate Federations, or coalitions, among EWRS at various levels throughout The Hunger Project-India’s seven states
  • Year two: Solidify federations and build capacity among participating EWRs to be effective leaders and lobby for change collectively
  • Year three: Federations engage with local issues and are strengthened through increased coordination
  • Year four: Federations take action at the local level toward priority issues
  • Year five: SWEEP programming begins for the next election cycle

Federations provide EWRs with a platform for sharing experiences and common issues, collaborating on projects, advocating for women’s political rights, fighting social injustices, and jointly lobbying against adverse policies and taking initiatives that will help their communities. They serve as platforms for co-learning that encourage EWRs to work together to increase their impact on their communities and Panchayat governance.

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