Food Security in Ghana

Food security programs such as agricultural training and food banks sustain the nutritional needs of communities through all seasons and any unforeseen environmental challenges.

Only 11% of households in our partner communities in Ghana suffer from moderate to severe hunger. Eighty percent of smallholder farmers are implementing are applying improved management practices and technologies on their farms. Since 2002, over 2,056 people have been trained in health, and another 32,308 people have been trained in nutrition.

A total of 128,507 kilograms of food have been stored in epicenter food banks.*

One-hundred and eighty-seven epicenter nursery schools have implemented the one-meal-per-day program reaching 8,178 students. This program aims partially to ensure a nutritious meal for the children and promote healthy growth and partially to encourage parents to bring their children to the preschool. Over 388,998 children have received weight or nutrition monitoring.*

Over 301,386 people have been trained in food security and agriculture in 8,368 epicenter workshops, and over 380 agriculture facilitators and extension workers have been trained since 2002. Over 28,188 kilograms of seeds have been distributed to borrowers by the Revolving Loan Fund.*

*As of Q1 2017