Resource Mobilization in Benin

The Hunger Project works with many NGOs as well as with the local and national governments at the epicenter sites in Benin.

  • The “Centre de Recherche et d’Actions pour le développement des Initiatives à la Base” (CRADIB) works with The Hunger Project at nine epicenters, helping with the planting of young cashew plants. ‘
  • The Fédération Nationale des Producteurs de Palmier à Huile du Bénin’ (FNPPH-B) does the same, at six epicenters (sometimes overlapping with CRADIB).
  • “Education instrument de Paix” also works with The Hunger Project on literacy efforts at Sono-Guinagourou and Daringa Epicenters.

Local government is closest to the people and has the mission of working with people to meet their basic needs. The Hunger Project works in partnership with local government bodies to ensure that they are effective, include the leadership of women, are directly accountable to local people, and provide access to resources and information.

The Hunger Project-Benin works with the government on literacy programs, and support in medical centers and with the distribution of fertilizers.