Stories of Success

Through Skills Training, Jackson Becomes a Successful Carpenter

Jackson Chimangeni lives in Kauma Village near the Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi. For many years, Jackson, like several of the residents of Kauma Village, relied on wildlife poaching for his income. By participating with The Hunger Project-Malawi, Jackson and his neighbors gained education and skills to lift themselves out of poverty while protecting the wildlife reserve for future generations to come.

Kazi Nasira Campaigns to End Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Kazi has dedicated her life to helping others. She is now campaigning to end child marriage and improve health and nutrition in her community.

Fathimath and Justin Save Lives through their Health Clinic

At Lahotan Epicenter in central Benin, The Hunger Project-Benin is working with the local community to staff and expand a small health clinic. Fathimath, the epicenter midwife, and Justin, a chairperson on the epicenter health committee, are working together to promote the clinic’s health services and nutritional education in their community.

Rajkumari Helps her Community Achieve Total Sanitation Coverage

Rajkumari Kewat is a second-term Panch, or ward member, from the Gujred Panchayat (village) in Madhya Pradesh, a state in central India. Rajkumari represents and is committed to improving the lives of over one thousand individuals in her role as ward member. Recently, Rajkumari has overcome many challenges to achieve total sanitation coverage for her community.

Ssisa Rachel Leads Efforts to Improve Education in Her Community

Ssisa Rachel, 56, began her career as a nursery school teacher. When The Hunger Project-Uganda arrived in her village of Nalondo B, in the Mbale Epicenter in eastern Uganda, Ssisa was one of the first to participate in activities and training sessions. Driven by her passion for education and children, Ssisa contributed many ideas and innovations to improving local schools, including her own.

Tsege Improves Family Nutrition with Thriving Moringa Farm

Tsege Nesk is a trained Moringa animator in Ethiopia. The “Miracle Moringa” tree is especially beneficial for pregnant women and new mothers. With support from her local epicenter, Tsege is running a thriving Moringa business and providing valuable nutrition to her family, including her new-born grandson, Abil.

With a Microfinance Loan, Guiré is Able to Grow her Restaurant

With a microfinance loan, Guiré Salimata was able to grow her restaurant in Koussago Village in Burkina Faso and improve her family’s health and education.

In Ethiopia, Tsege is empowered to succeed and thrive as a single mother and farmer

Tsege Searko, a single mother in Ethiopia, was empowered after attending training and workshops to transform her small farm and help her family thrive.

Apurbo Changes His Life Through Training

Apurbo changed his life by attending training sessions and work shops. Today, he is self-employed and thriving, and giving back to his community.

In Ghana, Victoria Adjemin Is an Active Change Agent in Her Community

Victoria Adjemin, from Atuobikrom Epicenter in Ghana, established her own shop through the epicenter Women’s Empowerment Program. Now, she is able to provide adequate support to her children’s health and education. Read her inspiring story.