Stories of Success

Florencia Gains New Vision for Herself and Her Community

Florencia is one of the more than 11,000 indigenous women with whom we work in the country, empowering them with tools to build their own cooperatives and advance their political rights.

Louise Takes Charge of Her Life

In her village in Benin, Louise Lagni is an empowered woman who is leading the charge together with other women in her community.


Mother Builds Resilience to Extreme Weather in Ethiopian Village: Shehubo’s Story

Shehubo’s story shows that investing in rural development is critical in building resilience to shocks caused by climate change.

Aby’s Entrepreneurship Empowers Her Family and Women in Her Community

A woman of action, Aby has become a key driver of awareness-generating activities and an advocate for the challenges faced by women in her community.

Gaining Confidence to Improve Food Security: Julien’s Story

At the heart of Julien’s story is the realization that knowledge and training are tools that can empower and turn one’s life completely around.

With Safe Storage, Mbale Food Bank Promotes Food Security

The food bank promotes local food security by providing farmers with a safe place to store their grains during the off-season.

In Uganda, Namukasa Starts Saving for Her Future

At just 10 years old, Namukasa is investing in her own education and future after participating in The Hunger Project-Uganda’s training on microfinance.

From Poverty to Empowerment: Moises’ Story

Moises shares his story of how he has transformed his condition from one of poverty to one of self-confidence and empowerment.

Kuntala Mobilizes Her Community to End Violence Against Women

Kuntala is mobilizing her community to end violence against women and empower the women around her to run for local office.

Esperanza Helps Her Community Fulfill Their Vision of Development

“I thought that, as a woman, I would be unable to do any of these things, but now I see that I am part of a Community Vision,” says 78-year-old Esperanza.