Global Advocacy

Transforming the Way the World Does Development

The Policy Environment

Since the world community set the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), there have been enormous shifts in how the world thinks about aid effectiveness, in particular, a shift, in the words of US President Obama, “from patronage to partnership.” Donor countries want to direct aid in support of country-led strategies — strategies that represent the authentic and demonstrable commitment of the people and government of the country receiving the aid, as well as a shared commitment to accountability, effectiveness and transparency.

In 2013, as the world community worked to set the Post-2015 Agenda, we saw the emergence of bold, zero-based goals and international alignment to end hunger and poverty once and for all. Now, more than 35 years after The Hunger Project launched with the proclamation that the end of hunger is a possibility, experts agree that it is an achievable goal by the year 2030. Yet, we recognize business as usual will not get us there. We still need a paradigm shift in how the world approaches development.

Our Commitment

The Hunger Project is committed to scaling-up to ensure that all people living in the conditions of hunger gain the opportunity to build lives of self-reliance and dignity. It is both a strategic priority and a moral obligation for The Hunger Project to bring its on-the-ground experience of what works to the formation of policies and programs that impact the lives of hungry people. Dramatically increasing our policy influence is one of the three strategic priorities in The Hunger Project’s Strategic Direction.

It is important that The Hunger Project not only be an advocate in policy formation, but also lay the groundwork to be an implementing partner in nation-wide programs to empower women and men to end their own hunger and poverty.

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What Can You Do?

As a global citizen committed to a world free from hunger and poverty, you can:

  • Learn more about the dramatic changes underway in policies to achieve the MDGs, and follow the news on these processes.
  • Petition your government. From time to time, THP will notify you of strategic times and ways to make your voice heard.
  • Mobilize others to join you in this historic endeavor.
  • Support bottom-up, gender-focused strategies that work – invest in THP!