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Die entscheidenden 1000 Tage (1,000 Days Change a Life)

Die Bewegung „1000 Days“ hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, gegen die Unterernährung von Kindern in den ersten 1000 Lebenstagen zu kämpfen. Um sicherzustellen, dass Kindern und deren Familien ein gesunder Start ins Leben ermöglicht wird, schlossen sich mehrere Organisationen zusammen – neben dem Hunger Projekt u.a. Save the Children, Brot für die Welt, Interaction und World Vision. Read More

Secretary of State Clinton Launches 1,000 Days Movement

This week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched 1,000 Days: Change a Life, Change the Future, a global movement to... Read More

Gudatu Rural Bank Inauguration in Ethiopia

The ultimate objective of The Hunger Project’s (THP’s) Microfinance Program (MFP) is to gain government recognition and operate as a... Read More

The Power of Half: New Book from THP Investors, Kevin and Hannah Salwen

Kevin and Hannah Salwen, both Hunger Project investors, are a father-daughter writing team who together captured in their book, The... Read More

Trained Indigenous Reporter Runs for Senate in Bolivia

Nelida Smith is a trained people's reporter and has taken leadership workshop through our partner organization in Bolivia, ACLO. She says, "In political matters, I could not contribute anything before, but now I feel able to contribute from my experience. I can take more informed positions in public spaces and have a responsibility and commitment to serve others." Read More