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 The Hunger Project in the News

Metro — Voices: Time to Invest in Women by Jill Lester

March 4, 2008

There's no doubt about it — Flora Mtuwana is an extraordinary woman. This mother of two from Malawi spent most of her life in a daily struggle to meet the basic needs of her family... (link to full article)

Women, Power and Politics — Two Million Women Leaders and Counting

March 1, 2008

(An online exhibit of the International Museum of Women) Because women are traditionally responsible for meeting their families' basic needs, their contribution to local government has been crucial. It is clear that women's leadership in panchayats is transforming India.... (link to full article)

Letter to the Editor submitted to The Economist by Jill Lester

February 12, 2008

in response to "The Starvelings," January 26, 2008 (download pdf of letter) (link to full article)

Burlington Free Press — Curbing Hunger, Here and Beyond

February 8, 2008

Social action comes in many forms these days, sometimes in unlikely combinations, such as: grilled cheese makers in Vermont teaming up with female farmers in Burkina Faso. Or students' grasping world hunger issues ... with greasy fingers.

Hindustan Times — Good Things Happen When Women Govern

December 2, 2007

Rita Sarin, country director of the Hunger Project, argues that this is all to the good. When a woman holds the reins, she is more likely to invest government monies in providing better quality rations to the needy than in constructing a lamppost... (link to full article)