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The Hunger Project Launches Mexico Chapter of Community-Led Development

At an event at Mexico’s Foreign Ministry on August 3, The Hunger Project launched the Mexican chapter of the Movement for Community-led Development (CLD). Read More

The Hunger Project-Mexico Empowers Community Partners with Data

At The Hunger Project, we believe that engaging community members with data is crucial to setting priorities and monitoring outcomes. By involving the local communities through data, The Hunger Project-Mexico is able to not just raise awareness, but provide our partners with the information needed to take charge of projects in their region and ensure they meet the needs of their community. Read More

Community Partners Lead Sustainability and Rainwater Harvesting Projects in Mexico

Community-led approaches to development has been critical to improving water and sanitation in in our program areas in Mexico. Learn more about the sustainability and rainwater harvesting projects led by our community partners. Read More

The Transformative Leadership School Ignites Change in Oaxaca, Mexico

The Hunger Project-Mexico opened a new leadership school that fosters an environment for collaboration among community members to resolve social issues. Read More

Partnerships to Advance Development in San Luis Potosí

San Luis Potosí community partners are committed to making their community what they want it to be, and they’ve decided such an endeavor cannot be done alone. Read More