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How THP-Benin Raises Gender Awareness Through Theater

The Hunger Project- Benin is using theater and community outreach to raise awareness of women’s empowerment issues, including child marriage. Read More

Literacy Program in Benin

The Hunger Project Celebrates 20 Years in Benin and Burkina Faso

The Hunger Project-Benin and The Hunger Project-Burkina Faso are celebrating their 20th year of working to end chronic hunger and poverty! Our 20-year record of achievement in Benin and Burkina Faso is grounded in the principle that people must be the agents of their own change. We invite you to learn more about our programs in both countries, and celebrate community partners who are doing the incredible work of ending hunger for themselves, their neighbors and their families. Read More

Combating Violence Against Women in Benin through Community Leadership and Education

Violence and discrimination against women remains a pervasive challenge in Benin. To tackle this issue, we work with community partners through the Women’s Empowerment Program to empower local women through education and training. Read More

Benin’s Health Workers Are Taking a Stand Against Child Mortality

The Hunger Project-Benin is taking a stand against child mortality and improving health follow-up strategies, such as encouraging regular clinic visits for children under five. Read More

Initiatives Against Ebola in Program Countries

Although none of The Hunger Project’s Program Countries have been affected by Ebola –  with the exception of Senegal that experienced... Read More