Ending World Hunger at the University of Michigan

Feel Good University of Michigan 2014

The FeelGood (FG) chapter at the University of Michigan began in the spring of 2013. Led by Founder and President Shannon Zandee (’15), the team has shown what persistence and passion can do in the face of old standing beliefs and systems.

Shannon was inspired to start a FeelGood chapter and deli enterprise after being a part of the chapter at the University of Vermont. Being a part of a community of her peers that worked together to run a deli enterprise on campus every week was teaching Shannon tangible business and personal skills. On top of that, she helped to raise money for partners around the globe empowering people to end their own hunger. Her everyday actions on her college campus were having an impact around the world. This really stuck with Shannon.

So while she decided to transfer back to her home state of Michigan, Shannon gathered a small team together of passionate friends, inquired about starting a chapter and got started.

The team originally had a slow start because the University of Michigan is huge! With 43,000+ students on campus, it may seem like endless opportunities to grow a student group. But how do you cut through the noise of all of those other thousands of student groups already in existence and well known? How do you stand out? All the while gaining appropriate deli permits, RSO status, and spacing permissions to host delis, meetings and more. After a lengthy process gaining recognition as a student organization (RSO), the UMich team learned they were not allowed to offer grilled cheese on campus due to the university’s strict regulations around students preparing and serving food. It felt like a lot was up against them.

So Shannon, Chelly, Emma, Joe, and Andrea decided they needed to be radical and begin shifting minds on campus. It was time to step up. Even though it wasn’t quite what they had originally envision, the chapter used this as an opportunity to partner with a fraternity on campus to host delivery delis from its’ kitchen. They focused on key areas on campus: two heavily trafficked dorm buildings, the library, and [WHAT’S THE OTHER LOCALE]. By offering hot grilled cheese sandwiches delivered straight to students’ dorm rooms or study tables in exchange for a donation to end hunger, this deli enterprise was making a name for itself on campus. Delivery delis were a hit. Their initial delivery deli raised $231.75 in just a few hours.

In August 2014, the chapter sent four representatives to Allenspark, Colorado for the annual Big Cheese Summer Institute and is planning to send representatives to the Hunger Summit in October in New York City. We’re honored and humbled by the UMich’s chapter dedication to ending hunger by 2030 and their commitment to the FeelGood movement.
To date, the UMich chapter has raised $2,048.26 for the end of hunger by 2030 and they’re only gaining momentum. The first delivery deli of their fall semester just brought in over $520! In other words, they are off to a terrific start as they strive to raise $4,500 this school year.


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