What Does It Mean to Be a Hunger Project Investor?

The way that The Hunger Project raises its money is as important as how we spend it. The majority of our funding comes from highly committed individuals who direct a meaningful share of their financial resources to achieving the end of hunger.

We do not see those who give their money to The Hunger Project as donors but as investors, as stakeholders who are standing in full partnership with people living in conditions of hunger and poverty.

Investors in The Hunger Project experience a return on their investment that is immediate and lasting – the joy and satisfaction that come from investing their resources in a way that benefits all humanity, and leaves a legacy for future generations that would not otherwise be possible.

5 reasons to invest in The Hunger Project now

  • The Hunger Project works at the heart of the problem, rather than making small contributions at the periphery. You have the chance to participate at the cutting edge in transforming the critical issues for humanity’s future — building self-reliance at the grassroots level, empowering women as key change agents, and forging effective partnerships with local government.
  • The Hunger Project is strategic — we are powerfully positioned to catalyze what must be done to end hunger in the key areas where action is required, by mobilizing all sectors of society to work together —  government, business, academia and grassroots organizations.
  • The Hunger Project does not give handouts. We build self-reliance,empowering people to achieve permanent solutions to chronic hunger.
  • The Hunger Project utilizes your resources in innovative, high-leverage ways, and puts you in direct partnership with thousands of the most experienced and committed leaders for the end of hunger around the world.
  • The Hunger Project counts on individual investors like you and puts your resources to the highest possible use to benefit humankind.

How much should I invest?

The Hunger Project invites you to invest at your highest appropriate level:

  • a level that expresses your commitment to the well-being of the entire human family;
  • a level that gives you a real stake in the outcome – as partners in the process of creating a new future;
  • a level that begins to demand from you the kind of courage that people living in conditions of hunger and poverty must find, as they confront tradition to educate their daughters, establish a new partnership between women and men, or risk their livelihood to take out loans to try a new crop;
  • a level that challenges you, and shakes you out of the patterns of consumption that surround you.

What are the ways I can invest?

  • Give now on your credit card, by check or by stock transfer.
  • Become a member of our Financial Family by investing monthly with a sustained investment and commitment that makes a tremendous difference in our work.
  • Join our Global Investor Group. Global Investors invest a minimum of $5,000 annually. Investing at this level not only impacts the hungry, it has a profound impact on the investor. In giving, you will receive so much in return. Read more
  • Join our Unleashed Women Leaders Initiative. The Unleashed Women Leaders Initiative has been created to secure long-term, sustainable funding for our work with resource poor rural women who are determined to end hunger in their communities. Read more
  • Become a corporate sponsor. Give through the philanthropy of your corporation or foundation, such as applying to your company to make a matching gift for your investment.
  • Leave a legacy. Including The Hunger Project in your will or trust or as a beneficiary of an insurance policy.
  • Become one of our business partners, by devoting a percentage of the sales of your business, or through creating your own fundraising initiatives. For more information contact Jenna Recuber at jenna.recuber@thp.org.