Volunteer in New York

For those who live in or near New York City, there are occasional opportunities to volunteer at The Hunger Project Global Office in New York, particularly at the time of our annual fall event in September and October.

You can also volunteer with one of our offices around the world.

Volunteer Online

We routinely post opportunities for skilled volunteers to design, research, translate (and more!) for The Hunger Project. If you are interested, please contact Sara Wilson at sara.wilson@thp.org

Volunteer at Events

We are currently looking for passionate volunteers for our twice annual gala events! Find out more about volunteering at events.

Become an Activist

Virtually all volunteer activist opportunities focus around outreach and fundraising activities for our programs. This includes such activities as:

  • online fundraising via our peer-to-peer fundraising platform: host a virtual or live event, create your own webpage, send customized emails and more! Visit our individual fundraising site to start now!
  • being a part of a team inviting friends and colleagues to learn about The Hunger Project;
  • hosting an informational event at your office, home or place of worship (learn more about hosting an event);
  • creating a fundraising event to generate funds for The Hunger Project; or
  • helping to add friends and colleagues to our e-mail list.

Activists can also partner with a Hunger Project staff member and other activists to expand the reach of The Hunger Project in their own community. Activists may serve as “door openers” to people they know who, after meeting with a fundraiser, might choose to also invest financially in The Hunger Project. Activists may be the catalyst to bring The Hunger Project into entirely new networks of people.

If you are interested, please contact Jenna Recuber at jenna.recuber@thp.org.

Are you a young person interested in making a difference in the world?
Check out our Youth in Action page!