Corporate Leadership Development

How do you drive innovation and courageous leadership?

At The Hunger Project, we believe innovation and courageous leadership can be cultivated and leveraged to create culture change and drive impact.

Since 1997, The Hunger Project has trained nearly 400,000 community leaders and reached 20.6 millCorporate Leadership Dev One Pager June 4 - FINAL (1)ion people around the world, with only 380 employees. The key to this leverage is the development of organic leadership, which we define as unlocking a person’s natural leadership through a transformative process that leads to personal and professional outcomes.

Our approach is grounded in the work that The Hunger Project implements around the world, which involves interactive training sessions on leadership and capacity building. Direct applications of this approach exist for business, particularly for those seeking to create culture change and business results. This innovative training will encourage an organization to step outside the boundaries of traditional approaches to leadership development.

“The Corporate Leadership Dev One Pager June 4 - FINAL (1)parallels between the work that McKinsey does and the work that The Hunger Project does are extraordinary. There are parallels between what it takes to change culture in an organization and what it takes to change culture inside a village in the developing countries where The Hunger Project works. And what The Hunger Project is doing is the world’s best practice.”

– Michael Rennie, Director, Global Leader of Organizational Practice McKinsey & Company

The Hunger Project develops a customized leadership development training for executives, including

• Programmatic alignment with specific outcomes

• Pre-trip preparation design sessions

• Immersion trip(s) to The Hunger Project’s program countries

• Short- and long-term measurement milestones

The team then facilitates on-site sessions when back in the office to bring learnings to their staff.

Expected Business Outcomes:

Depending on an organization’s specific goals, expected outcomes may include:

• Organizational culture improvement

• Business improvement

• Resourceful, courageous leaders

• Talent development and retention

“The leadership program with The Hunger Project has not only Corporate Leadership Dev One Pager June 4 - FINAL (1)been a life-changing experience at a personal level, but has at its heart both courage and innovation, two keys to driving a successful business in these times. We are now sharing these benefits with our valued clients.”

– Symon Brewis-Weston, Executive General Manager, Corporate Financial Services, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

For more information, download or corporate leadership fact sheet. To discuss how your corporation can participate in the corporate leadership program, contact Ashley Schenk at