Building Partnerships with Local Government in Mexico

The Hunger Project works with the form of government closest to the people to build and facilitate partnerships that help communities achieve local priorities.

The Hunger Project-Mexico works with officials of municipios, the form of government closest to the people, to build partnerships with the people to achieve local priorities. Local government officials join in workshops, trainings and participatory rural appraisals through which communities create development plans that will provide continuity and continued progress through changing administrations.

Once communities expand the scale of their plans and actions to include more complex challenges such as rural electrification (achieved in the community of Genova, in Nuevo Progreso, in partnership with local officials) or health clinics, they must begin cooperating with their local government and other allies. At this stage, the community engages with the elected Municipal Government, and begins working with technical experts to conduct more formal Participatory Rural Appraisals, and to formulate a formal Community Development Plan. This experience is indelible – once a village has proven what they are capable of, they do not forget. They see the evidence of their power to make change all around them.

(Coming soon) Read more about community partners’ success in working to achieve their visions in partnership with local authorities.