Supriya Banavalikar

Director, Corporate Giving & Special Projects
Supriya Banavalikar Headshot 08

Supriya Banavalikar is one of the senior executives of The Hunger Project and has been on staff for over 18 years. During this time, Supriya has held many designations which range from fundraiser to the South Asian community in the United States (Program Associate for South Asia) to communications and research. In her new capacity, she will head Corporate Giving strategies, mentor youth activism and lead THP’s collaboration with FeelGood. She will also lead the creative process and production of major fundraising events, including the Annual Fall Gala and Investor Leadership Trips.

While originally from Mumbai, India, Supriya has lived and worked in New York for the last 20 years. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and a Master's degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography from Mumbai University. She has also taken significant course work at the graduate level in Nutrition and Food Technology from New York University.

Supriya has spent an extensive amount of time working on Hunger Project programs in the field, traveling through the rural areas both in Bangladesh and India. She has also visited Hunger Project programs in Uganda, Ghana and Mexico. As part of her field work, Supriya has spent the last several years interacting with the villagers - women, men and children who are being empowered to take self-reliant actions with dignity. She listens to their life stories, finds out the magnitude of the conditions that affect their lives, and strategizes with them on how best to have their voices heard. In this way, she empowers the rural people to begin transforming the conditions that impede their development.

During her tenure, Supriya has worked on various initiatives including the Women's Initiative, The African Woman Food Farmer Initiative, The South Asia Initiative, and Women & Philanthropy. She participated in the creation and writing of the Women's Leadership Workshop for the elected women representatives in India, and the creation of the HIV/AIDS and Gender Inequality workshop in Africa and National Girl Child Day in Bangladesh.

In addition, Supriya has shared The Hunger Project's programs at fundraising and advocacy events in the United States, Europe and South Asia, both educating and inspiring people on the conditions of women in South Asia and their triumphs in transforming their lives from subjugated and marginalized, to empowered and mobilized leaders in their communities and countries. Over the last decade, Supriya has successfully raised funds in the United States and Europe for Hunger Project programs around the world.