Joanna Ryder

Regional Director, US Funding and Lead US Fundraiser

Joanna Ryder has been a Regional Director of Funding for The Hunger Project in the United States since 1995, but her roots with THP go back to the beginning. Joanna attended the original launching event of The Hunger Project in 1977 in New York City. The presentation moved her in a very profound way and she immediately started to volunteer with the newly formed Hunger Project committee. She later became the committee chair and then moved on to regional and national level roles as a volunteer leader. After 15 years as a volunteer, Joanna became a staff member and has now served 18 years in that capacity, most recently as the Lead Fundraiser in the United States.

Joanna was born and raised in Oakland, CA and then attended Santa Clara University, where she earned a BSC degree in Marketing. She grew up with the ideals of being of service to her fellow human beings, particularly those who are less fortunate. In her own words: "With The Hunger Project, I found a way to discover and express my deepest commitments in life, beyond what I ever thought possible. This work is truly my ‘calling' in life."

Joanna has participated in or led trips with groups of Hunger Project investors to India, Bangladesh, Malawi and Peru. She travels around the United States to lead fundraising events and presentations on the work of The Hunger Project and also works with groups of Hunger Project volunteer activists up and down the West Coast.

Joanna and her husband Julian are Leadership Investors in The Hunger Project. They live in Hermosa Beach, CA and have three grown children.