Dr. Fitigu Tadesse

Vice President, Africa Region, The Hunger Project

Dr. Fitigu Tadesse was appointed a Vice President of The Hunger Project on April 26, 2003 after having served as Regional Director for Africa for 15 years.

Dr. Tadesse received his PhD from the University of Strasbourg in France. At 35, he became the youngest full Ambassador in Ethiopia's history under Emperor Haili Selassie. Ambassador Tadesse served on the OAU Liberation Committee, as ambassador to Italy and Djibouti, as Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to FAO and IFAD, and as acting Foreign Minister.

When Dr. Tadesse could not work in good conscience for the Mengistu regime, he remarkably became the only ambassador to leave and still remain on Ethiopia's diplomatic list. He worked for a period as a consultant for GE in Africa, and then discovered The Hunger Project.

Dr. Tadesse has been a driving force in the development of The Hunger Project's Epicenter Strategy and the African Woman Food Farmer Initiative.