The Netherlands: Evelijne Bruning

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Netherlands

Evelijne Bruning was appointed as Country Director of The Hunger Project (THP)-Netherlands in November 2009. Bruning is very experienced in international diplomacy and collaboration, and her network and expertise will enable THP-Netherlands to reach their developmental goals.

Evelijne Bruning (1970) is an expert in international cooperation. She gathered her extensive experience, amongst other places, in the service of the SNV Dutch development organization as a microcredit advisor for female entrepreneurs in Vietnam, and as liaison officer for the Bureau for Resource Mobilization and Strategic Partnerships of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). During more recent years, Bruning was employed as editor-in-chief of Vice Versa, a magazine for developmental cooperation professionals, and as a facilitator of debates and discussions about international cooperation for a great number of organizations, e.g. Triodos-Facet, Icco and Wo=men.

Evelijne Bruning has an extensive network. At this moment she is a member of the boards of the organizations International Development Publications, International Child Development Initiatives and the Dick Scherpenzeel Organization. Additionally, she is a member of the advisory board of organization The Charity (‘Het Goede Doel'). She studied Cultural Anthropology and Sociology of Non-Western Societies at the University of Leiden.