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Strengthening Elected Women Representatives with THP-India in 2012


With the successful completion of SWEEP, elected women representatives have taken the lead as mentors, facilitators, and political leaders, heading campaigns to raise awareness of malnutrition in India in April 2012.

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THP-India VP, Country Director Appointed to National Committee on the Status of Women


We are proud to announce the appointment of The Hunger Project-India's own Rita Sarin as a key member of a high-level Committee on the Status of Women, charged with undertaking a comprehensive study of changes in the status of women in India.

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Elected Women Leaders Empowered by THP-India in 2011

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During 2011, more than 18,000 people participated in activities organized by THP-India to promote women's leadership and effective governance. Continued partnerships with organizations such as UN Women led to improved advocacy capacity and programs in the same areas.

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