Campaign against the Two-Child Norm (Orissa, India)

As part of our ongoing campaign and advocacy against the two-child norm, a document detailing the adverse effects of this discriminatory rule on women and other vulnerable populations was completed. The state office team has been closely monitoring the grassroots situation through our partner NGOs and collected lists of the affected candidates.

Over the past four years, The Hunger Project in Orissa has consistently raised awareness against this issue at various forums in all its working areas both independently and with other like-minded organizations and has been demanding its immediate repeal from the Orissa PRI Act.

As the next general elections are due in 2009, we held a campaign planning meeting to organize a broad-based and united campaign comprising civil society organizations, the media, lawyers, key officers in the government and so forth. The object was to help bring this issue to the notice of all stakeholders, and place it on the agenda of the political parties and policymakers alike.

The meeting was held on September 3-4, 2008, at Panthanivas, Bhubaneswar. About 35 participants, including members of leading NGOs and media, The Hunger Project team members from the national office and Bihar attended the workshop. The Coordinator of the Centre for Health and Social Justice, New Delhi, Mr. Abhijit Das, joined as the chief resource person and shared information about objectives and implications of the norm, and experiences on similar campaigns, strategies and results in other states. He helped put together a tentative core group and an action plan for the same, which is to be coordinated by the state office of The Hunger Project in Orissa.