Radio Program: "Our Sister Satyabati" (Orissa, India)

The radio program, "AMAR BHAEN SATYABAT" ("Our Sister Satyabat") was targeted for the rural populace and developed and broadcast as a voter awareness program during the the 2006-2007 SWEEP (voter awareness) campaign.

The Hunger Project's partner DAPTA has resumed this program in the district of Kalahandi as a capacity building measure for elected women leaders, in order to impart information on PRI institutions and the roles of elected women leaders in it. The program is structured around the various powers and capabilities of a woman representative and how one can address problems arising in one's panchayat. It continues to inform and inspire grassroots representatives and people alike.
The first six episodes will be re-broadcast in order to ensure continuity, before adding six new ones dwelling on the scope and problems faced by a woman leader in the process of governance.

The popularity and success of the "Satyabati" was proven beyond doubt by the deluge of congratulatory letters AIR received- one of which contained the following:

"I am the first admirer of Satyabati, the heroine of the play. Such is the conceptualization, direction and performance of the actors that whenever I listen to the program, it feels like watching a movie!"