Workshop on Panchayati Raj (Orissa, India)

Realizing the need to upgrade the knowledge and skills of our field coordinators, organizers and animators working directly with elected women leaders, and per a long-standing wish of our partners, a workshop on Panchayati Raj processes and functions was organized in Bhubaneswar. Participants appreciated the various inputs provided in the workshop and the opportunity to meet functionaries from other organizations and the government. Some of their observations were:

  • Women's Palli Sabha (Ward Sabha) is a new concept but is proving to be most crucial for empowering the women leaders. Women feel more free to express their views or share their feelings in an all women group/meeting.
  • Awareness of one's responsibility was realized and this will ensure that the lessons learned will be helpful in solving the problem of hunger in our area.
  • Information about the PESA Act (Panchayat Extension to Scheduled Areas Act) provided valuable information about issues in tribal areas.
  • In-depth information on various schemes like NREGA, SGSY, tribal issues, and PESA were useful
  • History of Panchayati Raj was very interesting and helpful.
  • Learned a lot about the role of a trainer and the importance of training more women on leadership effectively