The Hunger Project-Netherlands

The Hunger Project-Netherlands was founded in 1981 and has been a successful volunteer organization since then. The official office has existed since 2004.

Our objectives are:

  1. To raise funds for the projects in the program countries of The Hunger Project; and
  2. To make people aware that the overall aim of The Hunger Project, to achieve a world without hunger, is possible.

To achieve these objectives The Hunger Project-Netherlands focuses on private individuals, institutional funds and corporations through various activities.

We have four employees:

  • Country Director: Michelle van Vlaardingen
  • Corporate Fundraiser: Elisabeth Roelvink
  • Officer Monitoring and Communication: José Wigny
  • Office Manager: Isabelle Groenstege

These employees work alongside about 80 volunteers, who are of great value, not least because of the great network they provide. Teams of volunteers focus on specific tasks, such as corporations, communication, administration, presentations, and events. Individual volunteers also organize events to raise funds and raise public awareness in The Netherlands.

Another one of The Hunger Project-Netherland's key strategies is working with corporations, who find themselves very aligned with The Hunger Project's mission. We help to inform businesspeople who have strong networks about The Hunger Project, and we challenge them to spread this information within their network and raise funds. Through this strategy, more and more corporations are getting involved in ending hunger.

Visit The Hunger Project-Netherlands website.