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Awareness of Rights as a Path to Empowerment for Women with Chirapaq in Peru, 2012

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Chirapaq is offering the tools and training to strengthen the management and planning capacities of women and a targeted focus has been made on their role in the local government’s process of creating and managing participatory budgets as a way to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacities and business management skills.

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Overcoming Fear


Juana shares the story of how she overcame her fears of leadership and developed confidence by participating in women's organizations with the support of The Hunger Project and Chirapaq, THP's partner organization in Peru. 

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Advocating for Indigenous Women's Rights Via Radio by Chirapaq in Peru


Through the power of radio broadcasting, indigenous women in Peru partnered with The Hunger Project's partner organization, Chirapaq, have had the opportunity to lead innovative and educational radio programs, broadcasting public announcements about various social issues in 2012.

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