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World Conference of Indigenous Women: "We are not a problem; we are the solution"

World Conference of Inigenous Women: "We are not a problem; we are the solution"

As the world convenes to decide the priorities for the international development agendas, indigenous women united in Peru to demand that their voices be heard. The World Conference of Indigenous Women (WCIW) took place October 28-30 at the Plaza del Bosque hotel in Lima, Peru with an indigenous women's presence led by The Hunger Project's Tarcila Rivera Zea.

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World's Indigenous Women Demand to Be Heard

Mwxico Indigenous Women

With the aim of demanding that their opinions be considered and their cultures be respected by states, women leaders from Latin America, North America, Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Arctic and Russia are to hold a large-scale conference focused on the situation of indigenous women October 28-30 in Lima, Peru.

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Health Centers Working Alongside Traditional Medicine

Peru Tangoa

Consuleo Inuma Tangoa, a 70-year-old from the indigenous Shawi community, shares her experiences as a midwife and how the new health centers have helped this traditional practice.

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