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Bolivia Ratifies New Constitution


Rafael García Mora, SJ, Director General of ACLO, The Hunger Project's partner in Bolivia, says "The challenge will be for Bolivian women and men to make this new constitution not just a beautiful set of statements, but a foundation for building a future of justice, harmony, and progress."

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Bolivia: ACLO Forges Ahead in Strengthening Indigenous Leadership


Update to the Global Board (October 2008). Despite ongoing social unrest and periods of violence, ACLO forges ahead in its programmatic achievements, including the completion of the first cycle of a three-year project to create a cadre of rural and indigenous leaders with advanced skills.

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Report on the Political Situation in Bolivia

As many of you know, the Bolivian people are facing the enormous challenge of forging themselves as a multicultural democracy. These include: drafting a new constitution which will ensure rights of all citizens and establishing ways for all citizens to benefit equitably from the country's natural resources.

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