Country Directors

The country directors of The Hunger Project are chosen for their commitment, integrity and dynamism. They must possess the rare combination of abilities to be effective in mobilizing grassroots people as well as able to work effectively with national-level leadership. Hunger Project country directors must be deeply grounded in the principles of people-centered, integrated, self-reliant development and gender equality, as they must call forth a national movement for the end of hunger based on these principles.

Australia: Cathy Burke

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Australia

Cathy Burke has been the Chief Executive Officer for The Hunger Project Australia for 10 years. Prior to working at The Hunger Project she worked in politics in a range of capacities including campaign manager for a successful Federal Senate campaign, lobbyist and policy strategist, as well as running her family business.

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Bangladesh: Badiul Alam Majumdar, PhD

Vice President and Country Director, The Hunger Project-Bangladesh

Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar joined The Hunger Project as Country Director in Bangladesh in 1993 and was named a Vice President in 2003. He is the founder-Secretary of Shujan (Citizens for Good Governance), a civil society organization.

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Benin: Pascal Djohossou, MS

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Benin

Since April 13, 2001 Pascal Djohossou has been the country director for The Hunger Project-Benin. He has a wealth of experience in grassroots mobilization as well as in the formulation of rural development policy.

Pascal Djohossou was born October 22, 1959 in the Mono region of Benin. He is married, and the father of three children.

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Burkina Faso: Evariste Lébendé Yaogho

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Burkina Faso

Evariste Lébendé Yaogho, Country Director of The Hunger Project-Burkina Faso (THP-Burkina Faso), is from Bissiga, Boulgou Province in Central-Eastern Burkina Faso. He first joined The Hunger Project family in 1997 as Adjunct Director of THP-Burkina Faso, managing program supervision and fighting poverty and hunger in rural regions.

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Canada: Malgorzata Smelkowska

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Canada
Malgorzata Smelkowska

Malgorzata Smelkowska joined The Hunger Project staff in 1991 and was named Country Director in 1995. She is a graduate of the College of Economics and the College of Midwifery in Wroclaw, Poland. Prior to moving to Canada, she lived and worked in several countries in Europe gaining experience of different cultures.

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Ethiopia: Neguest Mekonnen

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Ethiopia

Ms. Neguest Mekonnen has been a member of The Hunger Project (THP)-Ethiopia’s National Advisory Council since 2010, and as such, has excellent knowledge of THP’s vision, mission, methodology and the Epicenter Strategy. She joins THP after serving as Programme Manager and Economist at the French Development Agency in Ethiopia.

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Germany: Leni Rieppel

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Germany

Leni Rieppel joined The Hunger Project (THP) as a volunteer in 2003. She started to work on a part-time basis for THP-Germany in 2004. In January 2011, Leni was appointed Country Director for Germany.

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Ghana: Samuel Afrane


Samuel Afrane becamse The Hunger Project (THP)-Ghana Country Director in March 2013. Samuel joined THP-Ghana in March 2012 as the National Program Officer, overseeing THP-Ghana’s epicenters.

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India: Rita Sarin, MA

Vice President and Country Director, The Hunger Project-India
Rita Sarin (2012)

Rita Sarin, Country Director of The Hunger Project in India, leads a nationwide alliance of more than 60 organizations implementing strategies to empower women in local democracy. She has committed her life to igniting and sustaining the leadership spirit of elected women at the grassroots level in India.

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Japan: Mariko Furuya

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Japan

Mariko Furuya joined The Hunger Project-Japan as Country Director in 2001.

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Malawi: Rowlands Kaotcha, MBA

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Malawi

Mr. Rowlands Kaotcha has served as Country-Director of The Hunger Project-Malawi since 2004, after having served as Program Officer since 2001. He provides country leadership to an Integrated Sustainable Livelihood program of THP-Malawi focusing on Food Security, Microfinance, Education, Health & Hygiene, HIV&AIDS and Gender Equality, Access to Safe Drinking water, and Environment.

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Mexico: Lorena Vázquez, MS

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Mexico

Lorena Vázquez Ordaz has served for 10 years in the leadership of The Hunger Project-Mexico.

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Mozambique: Clara Gabriel De Oliveira

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Mozambique

Ms. Clara Gabriel De Oliveira joined The Hunger Project (THP) in February 2013 after serving as the National Coordinator of Economic Alternatives for Women, Youth and Vulnerable Groups program at ActionAid Mozambique.

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Peru: Tarcila Rivera Zea

Executive Director, CHIRAPAQ (The Hunger Project partner organization in Peru)
Tarcila Rivera Zea

Tarcila Rivera Zea is Executive Director of Chirapaq, our program partner in Peru. Tarcila is a Quechuan activist from Ayacucho, Peru who has devoted over 20 years of her life to defend and seek recognition and acknowledgment of Peruvian indigenous peoples and cultures.

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Senegal: Madeleine Cisse

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Senegal

Mme. Madeleine Cisse has been the Country Director of The Hunger Project-Senegal since 2006.

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Sweden: Sara Wettergren

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Sweden

Sara Wettergren was appointed as the Country Director for Sweden in May 2012. Sara has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors at the local and international levels. In her early career she was based in Vientiane, Laos for a year and a half, where she worked on a Social Fund project for the World Bank. She also conducted assignments in Zimbabwe and Egypt.

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Switzerland: Alexandra Koch

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Switzerland
Alexandra Koch - Switzerland sm.jpg

Long-time Hunger Project investor, Alexandra Koch, was appointed Country Director of The Hunger Project (THP)-Switzerland in January 2011.

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The Netherlands: Evelijne Bruning

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Netherlands

Evelijne Bruning was appointed as Country Director of The Hunger Project (THP)-Netherlands in November 2009. Bruning is very experienced in international diplomacy and collaboration, and her network and expertise will enable THP-Netherlands to reach their developmental goals.

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Uganda: Daisy Owomugasho

Country Director, The Hunger Project-Uganda
Daisy - Uganda 2011.jpg

Dr. Daisy Owomugasho became Country Director for The Hunger Project (THP)-Uganda in February 2011.

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United Kingdom: Sophie Noonan

Country Director, The Hunger Project-United Kingdom
Sophie Noonan

Sophie Noonan will join The Hunger Project-United Kingdom as Country Director on March 10, 2014. Sophie comes to The Hunger Project with 20 years experience in raising funds, building sustainable teams and directing communications and media relations in support of hunger and poverty relief programmes.

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