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Believing in Success at Every Age


Mzee Erick Kafuruma is 74 years old, a retired soldier and agriculturalist. He is very passionate about change in the community and had always looked for ways to inspire people to work hard, adapt to change and show progress in the community.

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From Resignation to Prosperity with Cassava


Before joining THP-Uganda, Jacob Opua, 53 years old, invested all his time in cassava production but made little progress in increasing his agricultural productivity and income. Two years after joining THP-Uganda, Jacob boasts over six acres in use for cassava production.


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Namayumba Epicenter Construction by THP-Uganda in 2012

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Updates from THP programs in Uganda, including the commencement of Namayumba Epicenter construction, the improvement of performance at epicenter nursery schools, and the creation of innovative income-generating activities in 2012.

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