Senegal News

Recognition of THP-Senegal Epicenters as Associations in 2012


Addressing mobilization activities, THP-Senegal chose to focus on organizing general assemblies to share information and begin the process of legal recognition for each epicenter as an Association by the Government of Senegal.

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How THP Celebrated World AIDS Day 2011

Les Femmes.jpg

December 1, 2011 was World AIDS Day – a day when women, men and children of all walks around the world stand together to declare their ongoing commitment to ending the epidemic that is HIV/AIDS. The theme of World AIDS Day 2011 was an ambitions hard-line message:  “Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths.” Learn more about how our programs in Senegal, Uganda and Ghana celebrated the day.

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Chair of Education Committee Increases School Resources and Attendance

Saer Senegal Oct 2011.jpg

As Chairman of his epicenter’s Education Committee, Mr. Saër Diop has advocated for the importance of improved school resources, practices and attendance. Through community mobilization and partnership building, he has successfully secured funding and support for continued primary education in and around his village.

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