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Local Leader Involved in Microfinance, Education, Epicenter Management

As a powerful leader in Namarel Epicenter, Mariame Harouna Ba's mobilizes women, men, local and administrative authorities to strive for a better future.

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Woman Goes Above and Beyond to Improve Local Literacy and Women's Rights


Ndéye Loum is described by her close relations and companions as an ever-present, tireless and committed individual dedicated to the development of her village and its surroundings. She has become a Trainer of Trainers on women's rights and shares her story.

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Recognition of THP-Senegal Epicenters as Associations in 2012


Addressing mobilization activities, THP-Senegal chose to focus on organizing general assemblies to share information and begin the process of legal recognition for each epicenter as an Association by the Government of Senegal.

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