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Increased Alignment Between Environmental Programs and Income-generating Activities by THP-Mozambique in 2012

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Increased alignment of environment programs with income-generating activities by THP-Mozambique, such as food processing activities that led to jam being canned and sold, will ensure that all aspects of the epicenter continue to reinforce the importance of sustainable food availability in 2012.

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Chair of Small Farmer Association Benefits from THP Technical Assistance

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Silva Joaquin Ngovene and his neighbors are smallholder farmers in Mozambique. Programmatic support from THP has empowered small farmer associations, like Silva's, with trainings and resources to increase yields and feed communities.

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Resurgence of Food Security for THP-Mozambique in 2011

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Improved infrastructure and increased advocacy efforts have led to a resurgence of agricultural programs and improved food security for THP-Mozambique's epicenters in 2011.

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