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Announcement: Chokwe Health Center Inaugurated in Mozambique

Inauguration of Chokwe Health Center in Mozambique - Oct 2012

On October 26, 2012, THP-Mozambique celebrated the inauguration of the Chokwe Epicenter Health Center in the Gaza Province of Mozambique. And just in time -- the very evening of the inauguration, Ignésia Gonçalves Ngovene arrived on foot from a nearby village to deliver a health baby boy.

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THP-Mozambique, Government Partnership Yields Medical Staff for Epicenter Health Center in 2012

Mozambique 2012 - Partners and produce at Chokwe’s communal garden.jpg

A partnership between THP-Mozambique and local government brought a team of medical staff to carry out a variety of activities that served both to elevate the level of care available and to mobilize the entire community at Chokwe Epicenter. THP-Mozambique has also been making advocacy inroads with local and international NGOs operating in the area, both initiating seminars and attending conferences.

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Agricultural Success for Vicente Cossa


Vicente Paulo Cossa is a member of the epicenter committee in charge of food security. Through the trainings held by The Hunger Project, he has learned a great deal about farming and used this knowledge in his own garden to increase his income.

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