Scaling Up Our Epicenter Strategy


The next big challenge in ending hunger and poverty in Africa is to take successful interventions to national scale, or in other words, to "scale up" our best practices.

Scaling Up a Replicable, Affordable, People-Centered Methodology

Working in partnership with the people and leaders of eight countries in East, West and Southern Africa, The Hunger Project has developed a replicable, affordable, people-centered methodology that has proven successful for community development in rural Africa. It is called the Epicenter Strategy, and through it, our partners in Africa create dynamic centers for community action to meet basic needs and to effectively link people to existing government resources.

The Hunger Project is seeking to scale up The Epicenter Strategy in order to make it clear to policy makers and development agencies that our approach is indeed the sustainable solution to the end of hunger and poverty.

In order to demonstrate the viability and affordability of scaling up the Epicenter Strategy, the scale up program has begun in the Eastern Region of Ghana, one of Ghana's 10 regions.

Our approach is intended to ensure that there is an epicenter building within walking distance (10km) of all residents in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

We chose Ghana for our scale up program because it has strong Hunger Project leadership, strong democratic traditions including a good system of decentralization and local government, and a large pool of educated individuals from which to draw staff. In addition, the Eastern Region is an area where the Epicenter Strategy is already well underway.

Read the April 2008 Newsletter on Progress on Scale-up in Ghana