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Memorandum of Understanding Among Epicenters, District Leaders Ensure Continuous Development for THP-Ghana in 2012

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In 2012, The Non-Formal Education Division agreed to train THP-Ghana staff as Trainers of Trainers to improve literacy courses; farm input distribution was reworked; and Epicenter Committees, District Assemblies and THP-Ghana signed a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure continuous support for the development and sustainability of epicenters.

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Workshop for Ghanaian Journalists to Promote Women in Politics

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Last week in Kumasi, Ghana, Country Director for The Hunger Project-Ghana, Dr. Naana Agyemang-Mensah, facilitated a workshop for Ghanaian journalists designed to promote women’s participation in local and national politics. Dr. Naana appealed to the journalists to use media to rally the nation to combat socio-economic, cultural and religious practices that marginalize women and keep them from taking part in government. 

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Agricultural Trainer Elevates Community's Income


Isaac Lartey is a farmer from Banso-Asuboi and a member of The Hunger Project'-Ghana's Kyempo Epicenter Committee. Since his training as an Argicultural Trainer of Trainers, he has played a major role in educating farmers on improved agricultural practices. Through his work farmers throughout the community are producing more and increasing their incomes.

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