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Safe Drinking Water Alleviates Worry for Epicenter Community

Ethiopia Ledi

Sehari Ledi, a member of Enemore Epicenter in Ethiopia, shares how water projects have provided access to safe drinking water and alleviated the worry and fear that comes with fetching water from the river.

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THP-Ethiopia Epicenter Savings & Credit Receives Award

Ethiopia-Board Report-Oct 2013

THP-Ethiopia Jaldu Epicenter, Gudatu Saving & Credit Cooperative (SACCO) received accolades for mobilizing the most women members. The Machakel Epicenter’s clinic welcomed government health employees and Debre Libanos Epicenter completed 6 hang-dug wells. THP-Ethiopia also continued to expand its capacity building programs to beekeeping. 


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Jaldu Epicenter Savings and Credit Cooperative Honored for Outstanding Achievement

Gudatu SACCO cups

Gudatu Saving and Credit Cooperative (SACCO), or rural bank, of The Hunger Project's Jaldu Epicenter in Ethiopia has been awarded two cups and certificates for its outstanding work in mobilizing the highest number of women members and the highest saving amounts among other SACCOs at the regional and federal levels.

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