Burkina Faso News

THP-Burkina Celebrate New Epicenter

Burkina-Global Report-Oct 2013

THP-Burkina inaugurated the Boulkon Epicenter in the presence of several high-level THP staff and local government officials. THP-Burkina also continued its work in food security and women's empowerment, centering around the 1000 Days Initiative.

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THP-Burkina Epicenter Welcomes Council Members

Burkina Epicenters Welcome Council Members

THP-Burkina is moving forward with epicenter tours to build relationships with Council Members and newly elected officials.

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THP-Burkina Hosts Africa Conference While Emphasizing Health, Nutrition, and Food Security in 2012

Burkina update to the Global Board

In 2012 THP-Burkina organized medical consultations in four epicenters, held a number of trainings on the use of new technologies in agriculture, and played host to the Africa Conference, which included participants from all eight African Program Countries, as well as participants from the Global Office and THP-Netherlands office. The conference marked the launch of several strategic changes for the department, including the identification of priority epicenters.

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