MDG 5: Improve maternal health


Supporting maternal health care

The most egregious disparity between the developed and development world is maternal mortality. In the developing world, one woman dies in childbirth every minute. In Africa, a woman has a one in 22 chance of dying in childbirth. In the developed world, only one woman in 8,000 dies in childbirth (UNICEF).

The interventions necessary to dramatically reduce maternal mortality are straightforward and low cost. Through improving awareness, education, availability of health care and, most importantly, raising the status of women within society, The Hunger Project aims to drive down maternal mortality rates in each country where we work.

  • The Hunger Project supports maternal health care by empowering women to have a voice in decision-making and gaining awareness about the importance of pre- and postnatal care.
  • In India, women leaders learn the importance of good nutrition and health care through skills training workshops and as village leaders, they ensure that health care is available and effective.
  • In Africa, women receive maternal checkups at health care centers in each of the Hunger Project's epicenters.


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