Finding the Path to Prosperity in Ethiopia


Fayise Dhaabaa is climbing the ladder out of poverty, one rung at a time. Loans from the Microfinance Program at her local epicenter gave her the chance to earn additional income to support her family. Now, after a series of small, smart investments, Fayise's financial future looks brighter than ever, and her whole family is reaping the benefits.

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The Power to Dream in Mozambique


The satisfaction that Ms. Ana Sebastiao Zitha gets from being a financially self-sufficient woman is irreplaceable. With the skills she gained from trainings at her local epicenter, Ms. Zitha learned to take control of her future. And empowerment is contagious: Ms. Zitha now makes one of her epicenter's most motivated animators, passing on what she has learned to others.

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The Will to Succeed with THP-Benin

Celine Migan was struck by a debilitating injury while still a child. Too often in her society, this sort of handicap casts a dark shadow over the lives of its sufferers, robs them of their abilities, and dooms them to beg in the streets. However, with The Hunger Project in the picture, self-sufficiency and dignity are never far away. Read about how Ms. Migan works with THP-Benin's Microfinance Program to defy grim statistics and succeed every day.

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"Of Cola Nuts and Coca-Cola" - THP in Ghana


At 47, Vida Osei-Boahene is discovering she has a knack for business. After suffering the ups and downs of susbsistence farming for years, THP-Ghana gave her room to grow. Several smart business moves later, today she is "so proud to say that, I have GH¢ 300 ($211) in my savings account! I will forever remain thankful to The Hunger Project!"

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Learning the True Meaning of "Comfort" with THP-Ghana


Comfort Aniniwa was used to the ups and downs of subsistence farming. She was unable to picture a brighter future for herself, or her family. When THP-Ghana gave her the skills, financial freedom and encouragement to start her own business, things started looking up. Now, Miss Comfort Abena Aniniwa is becoming more "comfortable" every day - truly living up to her name!

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Smiling Faces: Microfinance Partners in Ethiopia Share How THP Has Changed Their Lives


On a recent visit to Mesqan Epicenter, THP staff conducted a survey among Microfinance Program participants to assess the program's performance and get insights on ways to improve it. The women shared about the difference THP has made in their lives. "Now, we have a beautiful meeting hall within the epicenter building, the health clinic provides services within a few minutes' walk, our children--particularly our daughters--attend school without any fear or hindrance."

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Mother of Two Continues Studies in Mozambique


For one woman in Mozambique, a loan from The Hunger Project has brought the dream of earning a high school diploma one step closer.

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Widow Finds Renewed Hope with THP in Malawi


A resilient spirit and a nearby THP epicenter enabled Mary Liwonde to move forward after the death of her son. Today, she enjoys financial security, renewed hope for the future and national recognition for her work.

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Ugandan Woman Reaps Lasting Rewards


A Hunger Project loan helped Edridah Tumushabe Warugaba begin a small poultry business. In doing so, she developed skills which will ensure her success in the future.

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Senegalese Entrepreneur Becomes Major Wholesaler of Produce


When Awa Ndiaye took out a loan from The Hunger Project-Senegal's Microfinance Program, she was interested in developing a small vegetable trade. Not only did her venture succeed, but in the process, she ended up changing the way many women did business in her village.

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