Joaquim Alberto Chissano

Joaquim Alberto Chissano

President of Mozambique

One of the original founders of the Mozambican Liberation Front (Frelimo) that struggled against Portuguese rule, Mr. Chissano was elected the nation's president in 1986.

Mr. Chissano initiated constitutional and economic reforms and made the first steps toward a peaceful resolution of the civil war that had been ravaging Mozambique since its independence. In 1992, his persistence and leadership during a difficult peace process helped to finally end one of the longest and most devastating wars the African continent has known.

During postwar reconstruction, President Chissano's government began the arduous process of reviving the economy and developing the country's extensive resources. New policies and programs promote rural marketing, provide greater access to credit and raise the productivity of small-scale farmers.

Achieving peace and economic recovery in Mozambique has profound implications for the future development of the entire Southern African region.