Salim A. Salim

Chair, Africa Prize Jury

Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim is the Chair of the 2011 Africa Prize Jury and has served on previous Africa Prize juries since the inception of the Africa Prize in the 1980s. Dr. Salim served as the Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity for 12 years until 2001. After serving an unprecedented three terms covering a period of twelve years, he is now involved in several activities and has functions and responsibilities at national, continental and international levels.

Dr. Salim took office as Secretary-General of the OAU in 1989. Prior to his election, Dr. Salim held public office in his country, the United Republic of Tanzania, where he served in various capacities for 27 years. He was Prime Minister from 1984 to 1985 and then served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and National Service from 1985 until his election to the helm of the OAU General Secretariat.

During his service at the United Nations, Dr. Salim was elected as President of the United Nations Security Council in January 1976 and went on to serve as President of the Thirty-Fourth Session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 1979. During his one-year tenure of office, he also presided over the Sixth and Seventh Emergency Special Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly in January and July 1980 respectively. In September 1980, he equally presided over the Eleventh Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Dr. Salim has attended and/or chaired numerous summits, international conferences, seminars, workshops and colloquia under the auspices of the United Nations, the Organization of African Unity, the Non-Aligned Movement and others throughout the world.