President of SUGRAMA Empowers Elected Women Representatives


Smt. M Renuka currently serves as a member of her village council and president of Karnataka's federation of elected women leaders, SUGRAMA. She has fought for improved drinking water and the education of girl children in her community, and led state-wide campaigns for asking for 50 percent reservation for women leaders in Gram Panchayats in Karnataka.

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Changing Landscape of Women's Rights in India


In early March, the Indian upper legislative body passed a constitutional amendment that would require that women hold 33 percent of seats in federal and state legislative assemblies. If passed into law, this amendment would change the landscape of women's rights in India.

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An Elected Representative in India Charts a New Course for Her Community


Rami Devi Nai is an elected representative in her village council in India. She notes every action she takes in her log book using drawings. You have the opportunity to match her courage and leadership.

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Increasing Women’s Participation in Local Government in India


At the end of August, the Government of India made an important decision moving toward an increase in the reservation of seats in village councils for women from one-third to 50 percent across the country. "This is a historic moment," says Rita Sarin, Country Director of THP-India.

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5,000-member Federation of Elected Women Leaders Launched


In late May, THP-India officially launched SUGRAMA, a federation of 5,000 elected women representatives in Karnataka. These women leaders will now have a unified platform from which to speak, and the strength and support that comes from that solidarity.

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Elected Woman Leader in India Fights Domestic Violence


Khusboon Khatoon, was a child bride at 12 years of age. She was widowed early. Following her participation in The Hunger Project's Women's Leadership Workshop, Khusboon gained the courage to take on domestic violence cases in her community and train other women about their rights.

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Elected Woman Leader Fights For Community Funding

B. Rani Devaraj works with economically disadvantaged communities to create better learning environments and improve local sanitation.

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"We Are Here to Make a Difference:" Women Leaders in Village Panchayats - Vol II


This volume documents the path breaking strides being taken by 118 elected women representatives across the country in ensuring that children attend school, that their villages are equipped with adequate health facilities and that all sections of the population are aware of and can access government schemes.

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"We Are Here to Make a Difference:" Women Leaders in Village Panchayats


This publication is a compilation of the profiles of 51 women leaders who represent the one million elected women leaders in Panchayats who struggle every day to change the development agenda of their villages.

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