The Hunger Project-Uganda Impact Assessment


January 2009

An independent consulting team conducted a pro bono study and compiled a report based on three weeks in Uganda, interviewing government, staff and local constituents; collecting epicenter data; getting to know benchmark NGOs; and experiencing first-hand what The Hunger Project (THP) has accomplished in Uganda. In addition, the team gathered a fact base on the relevant issues for the social sector world in general.

Appreciating that distinguished economists and academics have devoted considerable time to solving the intricate and interwoven issues of eradicating poverty, this report makes a strong case that THP's impact in Uganda has been considerable. It concludes that though there is some way to go to meet our stated goals, with strong local talent in place, an effective methodology and several visible case examples of demonstrated impact, THP-Uganda is poised for its next stage of development.

The report covers four topics: Uganda's challenging NGO landscape, THP's sources of distinctiveness, assessment of impact and recommended opportunities to pursue.

Read the report: Change to believe in: THP Uganda's impact (January 2009) (PDF, 1.05 MB).