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Entrepreneur in Malawi Earns $8,000 in Revenue Through Her Farm


Mrs. Florence Chitsonga participated in The Hunger Project-Malawi's Microfinance Program, building and sustaining an incredibly successful pig and maize farm. With her first loan, she bought three pigs, and now, Florence earns an average income of US $7.20 per day in a country where nearly 40 percent of the population lives on less than a dollar a day.

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Asir Uddin and Hasi Khan, Husband and Wife Leadership Team in Bangladesh


Asir Uddin and Hasi Khan are a husband-wife team brought together by a common commitment to the vision of a self-reliant Bangladesh. They are dedicated to working with grassroots villagers and empowering them to become the agents of their own development. They support each other every day in this effort.

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Women's Empowerment Program Leader Trains 400 Women and Directs Community Radio


Mrs. Marième Harouna Ba has been an influential community leader for over ten years. When the post for director of the community radio station became vacant, Marième knew that she could compete for the position against two men, despite the fact that the radio had never been led by a woman. Marième states that it was her experiences with THP-Senegal that motivated her to seek out the position.

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Microfinance Program Allows for a World of Opportunities


Yabre Belemgnegre, from the Vowogdo Epicenter in Burkina Faso, disuccess the impact of the Microfinance Program on her life and on the lives of the women in her community.

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University Student Working to Educate Children

Tisha - sm.JPG

Meher Nazmun, known as Tisha, works with The Hunger Project-Bangladesh and the Youth Ending Hunger unit at her university to educate the impoverished families and children of her community. "Since becoming a youth leader, I have learnt a lot about life, a lot about social responsibility, and a lot about the importance of setting an example for others," says Tisha.

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Determined Elected Woman Improves Education and Sanitation in Her Community

raja mari - sm.JPG

Raja Mari is president of her village council. "Participating in The Hunger Project's Women's Leadership Workshop gave me self-confidence, motivation and courage," she says. During her three years in office Raja has focused primarly on education and sanitation.

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Access to Microfinance and Training Increases Farmer's Harvest from 6 kg to 3,000 kg


Theresa Sekyere, a farmer in Ghana, explains that through The Hunger Project's Microfinance Program and other training, she increased the size of her farm, and is now able to pay her children's school fees.

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Reclaiming Indigenous Power


Clelia Regina Rivero works with Chirapaq, The Hunger Project's partner organization in Peru, to reclaim the rights and language of indigenous peoples in Peru.

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Investor Leadership Trip to Ghana


A Hunger Project staff person and investor shares her experiences on a recent Investor Leadership Trip to Ghana. In the words of one investor, "THP and the epicenters shifted from a distant concept to something I now have inside of me. I got my heart filled with this trip and it will stay with me forever."

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Farmer's Success Yields Great Results for Others


Mrs. Bassine Kane has seven children and is the Chair of the Ndiollofen Village Women's Organization in The Hunger Project's Sam Contor Epicenter in Senegal. The results she achieved through her bio sorrel (organic hibiscus) farm helped to influence the local authorities' commitment to award land to other village women's organizations and increased women's access to fertile land.

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