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Village Assembly Takes Action to Protect Panchayat Land


For years, residents of the Harda District in India were forced to cremate the deceased in an isolated patch of land far from the village or in the neighboring panchayats. In the first Gram Sabha assembly after the Sanjha Manch committee was formed, it was realized that a more convenient piece of land, previously believed to be private, was illegally claimed by a local person in power and that it could be reclaimed. For the community it is a blessing to now have the land rightfully dedicated for burial.

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Agricultural Trainer Elevates Community's Income


Isaac Lartey is a farmer from Banso-Asuboi and a member of The Hunger Project'-Ghana's Kyempo Epicenter Committee. Since his training as an Argicultural Trainer of Trainers, he has played a major role in educating farmers on improved agricultural practices. Through his work farmers throughout the community are producing more and increasing their incomes.

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Simple Cereal Grinder Increases Efficiency, Builds Community of Women


With the installation of the grinding mill in Sinkouinssi Epicenter as a part of THP-Burkina Faso's development outreach, women like Panatigri Safiatou spend less time hand-grinding and devote more time to income-generative activities or instructional classes. 

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Rennovated School Draws Students, Teachers


Bortene School is located in one of the villages of Enemore Epicenter. THP-Ethiopia, in partnership with the community, made major school renovations last year attracting a large community of students, parents, and teachers.

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18-year-old Student Raises Capital for Education and Trading


Noélie is an 18- year-old old student at the Kissamey Epicenter in Benin. On the verge of dropping out of school, Noélie discovered new energy at THP-Benin's youth mobilization initiative for the achievement of the MDGs. She is now able to get financially ready for entering school and continuing her trade activities.


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Thinking About Collective Action – Community Intervention for School Innovation


THP-Ethiopia constructed the Suda Literacy center aiming to support the informal education program for pre-school age children and the adult literacy program.

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Mass Literacy Movement in Four Unions of Mymensingh


Just 42 days after participating in the mass literacy education launched by THP-Bangladesh animators, Rahima was able to write the Bengali alphabet and has begun practicing by reading newspapers frequently.

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Organic Farming Techniques Sustain Crops

Dekpo Rural Bank Committee Members.jpg

Clémentine Sèbio, a partner with THP-Benin, shares her story of agricultural success.

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Building the Future Together in Mexico


THP-México arrived in the village of Morelos in 2010 and from the start, Simona was present in every Hunger Project workshop. It took a few days for her to gain confidence, but gradually she began to express her feelings, discovering that these feelings where very similar to those of other women in the village. Now she feels safer and more united with the women and the men of her village.

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From Orphan to National Advocate for the Rights of Entrepreneurial Women

Juana Peru Oct 2011.jpg

Juana was orphaned at the age of 11 and in between working at a local bakery to support her younger siblings, she studied at night to be a medical assistant. In 2008, Juana joined THP partner organization, Chirapaq, in Peru and, together with women from her community, began a small business selling guinea pigs. She was so successful in business that she has since advocated at a national forum for the rights of entrepreneurial women.

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